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Looking for a Sports Scholarship? Haddii aad doonaysid deeq Waxbarasho Isboorti?

By firstpointUSA on February 26,2013



Apply now If you think you’re good enough?

Codso Immika Deeq waxbarasho Jaamacadeed haddii aad ku fiicantahay noocyada isbootiga kala duwan ee webka hoose ku xusan.

Riix webkan:

American Sport


American college sport is not professional. However, over $1 billion in

scholarship money goes to athletes each year and the television rights

for college American Football are worth over $6 billion. A college such

as Ohio State University averages over 100,000 fans per game.

A sports scholarship to an American university can cover many, sometimes all, of the costs associated with earning a university degree. In return, the student-athlete will represent the university in their respective sport and maintain a good level of academic performance.

We will do our utmost to obtain the best scholarship deal for you.  Scholarship offers can range from 0-100% and these offers are controlled by the coaches at the individual colleges and universities.
There are currently over 500,000 student-athletes competing for approximately 2000 collegiate sports programs.

The overwhelming majority of student-athletes will never earn a penny as a professional athlete. That's why the terms "student" and "athlete" are synonymous with American intercollegiate sport:

When the athlete can no longer play, the student can still become professional in something other than sport.

Apply now If you think you’re good enough?

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